Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beat the Boots

Road Trip Day 10

World Exclusive!

I've managed to get my hands on an authentic Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie bootleg. I was browsing in a used book and record shop in Wells when I came across this find behind the glass case at the front counter. The clerk was rather cagey when I asked how he had obtained this before the official on-street date, only saying that he knew people who knew other people. It was something I had to have!

Here's a scan of the cover. I might do excerpts as well in the next couple of days, depending on how my trip to London goes.


Mister Trippy said...

You've been done, that isn't just a bootleg copy of Blood Rites, it's a Sexton Blake!

Rev. Michael Roth said...

I'm convinced that this is no fake, but the genuine article, my friend.