Friday, January 06, 2012

Introduction for Parasite

Parasite by DM Mitchell
(2011: Paraphilia Books, 9781453819302)

Parasite began as a series of increasingly wonderful and bizarre blog postings on MySpace several years ago. Later, the project evolved into book form. So, what is the story about? Well, it begins with a simple visit to the doctor’s office. From there, the book details either a dream, or a descent into madness, or a regular day (week? year?) in the life of an average bloke. You decide. After the book came together, David asked me to write the introduction. I was honored to do so, although I had reservations. I thought that there were others who were much better qualified than I was for this project. Dave thought otherwise, and the rest is history. Thanks Dave!

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My Demon Brother and I have a little game. The goal is to see who can be the first to induce a psychotic break in the other. The first foray in this game was a performance of Abremelin’s ceremonial invocations over a 19-day period in a room lined with mirrors. In the end, there was no clear winner. So we continued, pushing ourselves further. And while this game has given our lives meaning, it’s not all shits and giggles. I have come close to having my identity dissolve into the black fog. Also, now when I look into any mirror, I see a large black beetle staring back. As a former hooligan, I am used to street violence and intimidation. I’m not easily shaken. But there were times my Demon Brother pushed me to the brink. Fortunately, each time I was able to claw my way back to the comfort of consensual reality.

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