Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tumble on down

Been quiet here, although I've been posting more graphic related work over on a new Tumblr blog.

Check it out for the usual range of hack paintings, visual poetry and photographs!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Advice for Artists and Writers

A little bit of advice for both new and established artists and writers from guest blogger, noted artist  Michael Edward Michaels.

Advice for Artists and Writers
By Michael Edward Michaels

1)  Quit now.
2)  I cannot make this clearer  - Nobody cares about your so-called art and they never will.
3)  If you insist on this pointless exercise, know that you will be ignored in life and forgotten in death. For the most part, this will be justified.
4)  Other artists and poseurs will only pay attention to you if you can further their careers. Or make them money.
5)  You are not as important or creative or original as you think you are.
6)  If you believe you have something important to say, think again because you do not.
7)  Narcissism and relentless self-promotion trumps talent. Always.
8)   By the age of 40, your creative days will be over. Accept that you are a failure and move on.

MEM (Michael Edward Michaels) is considered to be probably the 47th best performance artist in the Greater Vancouver area (excluding Metro Vancouver).