Saturday, January 30, 2010

Really people I'm gone

I deleted my Facebook and MySpace pages two weeks ago. I did this for a variety of reasons, one being that a few mentally-ill acquaintances from my past had tracked me down. While the underlying reasons for deleting the accounts had been percolating for some time, it was essentially an impulsive act.

In any case, I did not anticipate what happened next - nobody noticed. Not a single one of my friends, so called, noticed that I was missing.

And then I had a vision. I had seen my future and it's not pretty. As an old man, I will die alone in my apartment to be discovered weeks later (by accident) among the filth, half-eaten by my dog. This is great. I have so much to look forward to now.


Anonymous said...

Well, one mentally-ill golem from your past, present and future has found you, will always find you. Best be off of FB and MS, as they are soul-capturing devices.
The Old Doctor

Anonymous said...

The Old Doctor says "Where the hell's the Rev!?

Christopher Nosnibor said...

That's virtual life for ya... social networking very much seems to me to be an awful lot of people shouting and no-one actually listening. How else do you explain exchanges that run pretty much along the lines of 'I had 3 eggs for breakfast!'

'Look at my link!'

'I scored infinity points in some pointless bollocks game!'

'Hey, great work, btw am still drunk from a week ago'.

'Cool, I had eggsm for breakfast.'


This has led me to the conclusion that not being noticed is the new being noticed - like being so avant-garde and underground that even you haven't heard of yourself.

Mister Trippy said...

But hey we keep finding you here!