Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Questions for Jerry Schroeder concerning his multidimensional narrative, Symphony

Clocking in at exactly 1000 pages, Symphony is an amazing journey into a multidimensional, magickal universe. This book pushes boundaries of experimental narrative and form. Audacious, transcendental, frustrating, and brilliant, this is the book I wished that I had written. I rate it as one of the best I've read. Check out some samples at Quizmeta .

Here are a couple of questions I threw Jerry's way (via email).

First off, what is Symphony about?

Well (and let me say again, REV, we are honored and unworthy), insofar as it could be about anything, pretty much all and anything and/or nothing.  It could be read as representation of consciousness encountering its own akashic substrate.  In this case, my personal consciousness supplies some of the fuel for the incineration.  It’s mostly about damn near anything and/or everything: it records an initiation, a sorcerer’s DNA, a mystic’s mutter, among others we will leave to whatever reader stumbles and gets stuck in it will make of its muck.  Hole, “Miss World,” live in Minnesota 1994, playing.  Is Kennedy actually in the house?

What is the significance of the title?

Because each language module functions as a different instrument, the many vessels and strings of the book resonate like different instruments in a symphony orchestra, many at once.  It also refers to itself as a manifestation of one fullest possible logic I can muster of listening to something like, say, for example, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, five hundred times simultaneously.  Also, the entire phonetic alphabet functions as notes, of course and natch.

More to come!

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