Sunday, December 21, 2014

More reviews

More reviews past and present! This is a followup to a post last year with a couple of reviews/impressions of work I've done. Most responses waver between laughter and boredom, so it's nice when something strikes a cord with someone and they express hatred or disgust. Here we go!

Who cares? They are just a bunch of blurry pictures.
      This was in response to a photo series I did this past summer.

Sounds like he just discovered his dick.”
     This was in response to a reading I did many years ago on a local radio show. Hopefully, those tapes are lost forever. I don’t do readings anymore. For one, I think they are silly, but also, because of my stutter, they would devolve into unintentional performance art.

You’re such a fucking square!
    I think this was directed at my personality and work in general.

The first round of reviews can be read here.

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Anonymous said...

They're all assholes, REV.