Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Failure to translation

The priest gives my ideas of them, in many cases, the performance of a series of Vancouver Writers Festival, 12 days of the file in Word, 120 Marquis de Sade "was confusing in the same pizzeria and the leader of the team, as they say, a long period of time I did not read it looks at the '12 Sodom Sodom, both to lay down for the night. slowly read it because it's a pain, indeed, a class of people at the beginning of the month on Sunday near the end of the bird bread, it's a miracle pill.

Of course, to read as it is fully taxable, mix them all and technology. Sometimes it is to dig a few pages of Morse code, but I saw a book on the fact that he was cruel. Pantomime play, because the laws of different countries around the world or 3 cups of another person.

I think I have the best vegetables you can smell the pizza insane leader of the Tuscan sea and took a break. Read it in my book. Thus, the desire to you at all times, and memory to play with. I'm not Mr. Stewart Wu Ming yesterday, but unfortunately, it's not, I want my writing lip sync.

But some players said marketing opportunity and a new suitcase. But you're a man, he found the afternoon of popular, but the anarchists came by night, you know, hands. Fortunately grant of power (and, believe it or not, just throwing my shoes), my friend stopped emetic sprint stage lighting and involuntary. These are the things that are done well, and tens of thousands of professionals.
That this night, light and AJ piles: Breakfast and it begins to dawn, a few drops of passage. At this point, I said to you, even as the east is a little less than great. You want to read the book, the audience shouted: "Oh my God, she is released to create a dog!"

On that day, I used to catch the one that will lead to end the Etruscans, and that people will hear it. DLE in the past the fair, which is really the leader of all the equipment to a high degree shot just started middle of the night. Moreover, more than 12 hours, but it does not matter in the end.


A(n) (un)successful translation of a post "120 Hours of Sodom", originally from Oct 20, 2009. The post was run through Google Translate and back into English. I thought it was a cheap way to translate my articles. Instead, I realize that it's an easy way to make them better.

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best use google translate ever.