Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paraphilia Magazine now available

Hey folks,
Paraphilia Magazine #1 is now available at I've skimmed through it and have to say, it's fucking awesome. The first issue blew away any expectations I had. Please check it out. It's available as a free download so you have no excuses. Great work Dave and Dire and others.

Some disclosure - while I have a short story in this issue, I'm not acting as a shill. Honestly, this is a great introduction to some alternate/alternative ideas and artists.


Mister Trippy said...

Nice! And I just added you to to my blogroll to encourage you to blog more often. We need more blogs to network together, together we are more effective! Keep on keepin' on!

Rev. Michael Roth said...

Thanks a lot Mister Trippy! And I am encouraged! There is more coming down the pike real soon (just gotta sort a few things out first).

Mister Trippy said...

Great! We need to get some movement going on these blogs, some volume, some effect!

Anonymous said...
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