Friday, November 01, 2013

The new Intro!

I asked playwright and poet Peter Duffer to write this introduction for my latest book. I was so excited when I got it back that I decided to post it right away. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m sure it’s wonderful. Hopefully, the book will be out sometime next year. Thanks Peter!


First off, Michael Roth, go fuck yourself in your mouth. You are a narcissistic, delusional asshole. Quit writing or painting or whatever it is you do and just go away. Let’s be clear, sitting in your parent’s basement obsessively masturbating does not qualify you as an artist. It’s pathetic enough when someone in their 20s playacts at being a douche bag artist; it’s even more so when they are in their 40s. So give it up. Nobody cares about you or your bullshit.

To be clear, as a person, Roth is a stuttering, inbred mongoloid, unable to comprehend his own incompetence.  And his art? Simply put, it’s pure bullshit. It is amateurish, derivative, shallow, and ultimately forgettable. He reuses the same old avant garde clich├ęs without any reason and to no effect. I could barely make it through a page or two of this manuscript without throwing it across the room or stomping it into the floor in pure disgust. This type of banal, pseudo-intellectual posturing makes me vomit. Don’t waste your time. You have been warned.

Why has he done this? That’s my main concern. Why? All of these works are truly pointless. I believe it’s really a narcissistic project for him, fueled by a strong desire to be accepted by the artistic community (and beyond), and, ultimately, in leaving an artistic legacy. He believes he has talent. He does not realize that few will see these works and none will care. That he and his art will descend into obscurity, where they belong. With any luck, I hope he will realize on his deathbed that it was all just a waste of time; that he has wasted his life. That none of it mattered when he was alive and that it will matter even less after he has died. Mr. Roth, if you do not realize this simple fact right now you are indeed delusional. Please stop immediately. For our sake, please do not inflict these mediocre, moronic ramblings on anyone again. Just stop. Please. For fuck’s sake. Stop. It’s embarrassing. It’s meaningless. It’s unnecessary.

So I need to know, why did you ask me to write this introduction?  Why do you even bother? Just, why?

Peter Duffer, PhD.

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