Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another excerpt from Deus Oinof

     I need a fucking smoke.
     And, as usual, Hairlip’s late with the smokes and beer. Ever since
that time he claimed to have seen God, he’s been unreliable. I saw God
once. Coming out of the mountains at Hope, looking into the valley, I
saw the ocean in the distance. Of course, this is impossible but there
it was. As I ran, the water rushed up the valley and in a wave washed
over me. In the water, I was surrounded by warmth and love and it was
there I saw God. Then it was gone and I was back on the road,
breathing in the smell of shit from the surrounding farms. But it gave
me the strength to go on. So, yeah, I saw God too. A lot of fucking
good that did me.


This excerpt is the opening paragraph from Deus Oinof, an unpublished collaborative novel by Michael Roth and Jerry Schroeder. 

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