Sunday, February 24, 2013

My interview with Stewart Home on his latest novel, Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane

Stewart's latest novel, Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane, comes out February 26, 2013. Here's a teaser from an email interview I did with him about this book. 

What is Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane about?
Stewart Home: Among other things the book addresses delusional thinking and in this particular novel it is manifested through the narrator Charlie, who is a hack academic with a drug problem. Charlie also has an obsession with porn and likes to have sex with unconscious women. The book is very funny if you've got a black sense of humour, and hopefully it is unreadable and distressing to those who are uptight, po-faced, repressed and even more deluded than the narrator!

For the full interview, just follow the link:

Thanks to Stewart for doing the interview. The book is brilliant so make sure to track down a copy  - Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane by Stewart Home (2013: Penny-Ante Editions) 9780985508531. I should have a review up soon.

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